High Court ordered to demolish illegal ramps, PWD left the debris on road

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PWD demolish illegal ramps in Delhi

In the recent order issued by High Court, the judiciary has asked the Public Works Department (PWD) to demolish illegal ramps and steps built in public spaces or on the roads of Delhi colonies. This is done to facilitate the movement of pedestrians across the capital. 

After the issuance of the order, the PWD wasted no time starting the demolition drive to remove illegal ramps and steps. The department started the work at Chittranjan Park on March 12 with Bipin Chandra Pal road. This was followed by mayhem on the road as the department was quick to demolish but not quick to remove the debris from the way of other travelers. The 1.7 km stretch was left in shambles with road debris piled in front of houses and left there as such in the week followed.

The order of the High court was not intended to make people suffer. However, the damage done to the general public by the civic authorities has put the judiciary system of our country in a bad light. In their haste to be done with the work, the PWD during their demolition drive was hasty enough to hit a major pipeline in the area, causing the residents to live without water supply for a day and a half. 

Many residents have come forth to express their worry and resentment towards the PWDs demolition drive where residents were not given any notice or prior warning before the action took place. They have expressed their concern while saying that they could have prepared themselves with alternatives than the piled-up mass of debris lying at their doorstep if they had known about the order. 

Incidentally, the stretch which is after the institutional land is free of the ramp and is inaccessible to the general public because the department is yet to build pavements in the area. The work of laying pavements has been continuously under progress for months now and the general public has no clue as to when the paved road will be accessible to them. This has caused congestion on the roads and the passersby find it hard to walk in any space near the area. This comes with the added problem of traffic jams during peak hours.

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