Lohri 2024: Interesting Things Related to Lohri Festival

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Lohri 2024 Interesting things related to Lohri festival
Lohri 2024 Interesting things related to Lohri festival

The festival of Lohri is celebrated with great pomp across the country. There is a tradition of celebrating Lohri every year on the first day of Makar Sankranti. In such a situation, while Makar Sankranti is on 15th January, the festival of Lohri is falling on 13th January. On this day, people perform parikrama around the fire.

Although Lohri is celebrated with great enthusiasm mainly by the Sikh community, the tradition of celebrating it has started in other states of India also.

  • Why is Lohri celebrated in India?
    Lohri is celebrated to commemorate the harvest of the new crop. In Punjab, when a new crop is harvested, farmers get income and there is happiness in their homes. That is why the festival of Lohri is celebrated with great pomp in India.
  • Who is worshiped on Lohri?
    The festival of Lohri is dedicated to Agni Dev. On this day, fire is lit, worship of that fire is done, and circumambulation of the fire is also done. Worshiping fire brings happiness, prosperity and prosperity to the house.
  • What to donate on Lohri?
    On the festival of Lohri, donating Rewari, maize flowers, dry fruits, Gajak, peanuts, coconut, sugarcane etc. is considered very auspicious. By donating these things on Lohri, a person’s house is always filled with wealth.
  • What to offer on Lohri?
    When the worship of Lohri begins, the first thing to do is to light a fire and circumambulate it. During the circumambulation of fire, some things are offered to it. They are: sesame, jaggery, groundnut, rewari, gajak etc.
  • What is eaten on Lohri?
    On the day of Lohri, it is customary to eat sesame gajak and jaggery-peanut strips. Apart from this, sesame-jaggery laddus can also be eaten. Eating things made of jaggery on the day of Lohri is also considered to have special significance.
  • How is Lohri worshiped?
    On the day of Lohri, light a fire in the west direction. Then light a mustard oil lamp near the Lohri fire and offer sesame seeds in the Lohri fire. After this, revolve around the fire 11 times.
  • What should be the first gift for Lohri?
    Any gift can be given on Lohri, but the first gift should be a bundle filled with peanuts. This is because a bundle filled with peanuts is considered a symbol of prosperity, happiness and peace.

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