How US firms are backing workers on abortion, from Amazon to Facebook

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Leading businesses in finance, journalism, technology, and health care said that they would provide financial support for workers’ travel to get safe, legal abortions and other treatments.

Several major corporations have stepped out to support their staff since the US Constitution no longer protects abortions. The Supreme Court of the United States has shockingly restricted US women’s access to abortion. Abolishing over 50 years of abortion is protected by the constitution; the US court reversed the historic Roe v. Wade ruling. About half of the states are anticipated to outlaw abortion due to the decision.

President Joe Biden of the United States and former President Barack Obama denounced the move as being backward, creating a global controversy. Additionally, corporate behemoths like Microsoft and Amazon started altering business conventions to accommodate female employees who needed abortions.

Bellwether companies from the financial, media, technology, and healthcare sectors reportedly announced they would fund travel for employees who require access to safe, legal abortions and other treatments, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Following is how major corporations reacted to the US Court’s ruling on abortion rights:

Facebook and Meta Platforms Inc.

The social media juggernaut said it would cover employees’ travel costs “to the extent authorized by law” if they needed them to get out-of-state medical or reproductive treatments.


Microsoft Corp. recently announced that it would extend its healthcare reimbursement program to include travel expenses if a worker could not obtain healthcare because it was not close by. According to the business, the change would “help workers and their registered dependents in obtaining crucial health care — which currently covers treatments like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live across the US.”


The OTT platform has furthermore guaranteed that it would provide financial assistance to staff members who must get medical treatment outside their home state, primarily through their insurance coverage. The plans include travel, hotel, and meals when access to abortion treatment is restricted. The business also provides training and bail for those who peacefully demonstrate reproductive justice.

Coffee Bean

The business said on May 16 that it would cover employees’ and their families’ travel costs if they had to travel more than 100 miles to get an abortion or seek treatment for gender affirmation.

The business said, “We will always ensure our partners have access to great healthcare, regardless of what the Supreme Court ultimately decides.”


According to a June 24 employee message, the video conferencing company’s US benefits already included reproductive care and travel more than 100 miles for medical treatments.


The fashion business, owned by Kering, declared in a statement that it will cover US workers’ travel costs “who need access to health care not provided in their home state.” The corporation “remains resolute in its stance that access to reproductive health care is a vital human right,” the statement added.”

Estee Lauder

When local options for reproductive health care were unavailable, travel and housing would now be reimbursed; the cosmetics business informed its staff in the middle of June. Employees and their families registered in the company’s health plan are covered beginning on August 1.

The Walt Disney Company said that it would pay for workers’ travel expenses if they could not access family planning options like abortions.

Deutsche Bank

Up to a predetermined distance, including across state lines, the German banking institution will start to pay for travel expenses for US employees seeking abortions.


The New York-based bank, which employs around 8,500 workers in Texas alone and is helmed by its first female chief executive officer, Jane Fraser, has promised to pay for employees’ travel expenses to get abortions.


The business has said that it will pay for the travel expenses for medical care and abortions for its retail employees.

On May 2, Amazon informed U.S. employees that it would pay up to $4,000 in travel costs for medical procedures, including abortion services.

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