Leopard seen in court premises after 10 days-court closed

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Leopard seen in court premises after 10 days, court closed
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Leopard has been spotted once again in the court premises of Ghaziabad. This time the glimpse of leopard has been captured in the CCTV camera installed in the court premises. After this, taking precaution, after evacuating the court premises, it has been closed. After this, the Forest Department and the police team have started coming into action. A leopard was seen in the court premises 10 days back also, but it was caught late at night and released to Saharanpur.

When 10 days had passed since the incident, the people around had heaved a sigh of relief. But after 10 days, the leopard’s injury in the court premises has once again scared the people badly. However, by evening the officials had termed this news as a rumour. After this, on Thursday morning the court premises were open at its own time. But after this there was a stir in the court after a glimpse of the leopard was seen in the CCTV camera installed in the court premises. All precautions were taken while evacuating the court immediately.

Leopard seen in CCTV at quarter to eight in the morning
According to media reports, the court staff reached the court complex as usual and started their respective work. Then after some time, the talk of leopard appearing in the court premises from the CCTV room failed. On seeing, it was found that the female leopard was roaming with her cub in the court premises. It was 7:45 in the morning. Seeing this, there was a stir among the judges and litigants present in the court. After this all the doors inside the court were closed.

Court closed on orders of bar association
Due to the leopard entering the court, there was a lot of panic in the campus, in view of which the District Bar Association issued a letter asking all the lawyers to leave the court premises. Along with this, the Bar Association has issued a letter ordering all judicial functions to be closed and advised all panic-stricken lawyers to get out of the court premises without creating a stampede.

Forest department started a search operation
After receiving the information about the leopard entering the court again, a 12-member team of the forest department reached the court premises and started the search operation as soon as they reached. This search operation lasted for an hour but despite this, the Forest Department team failed to catch the leopard. It is being feared that this leopard may be hiding on the eaves of the roof as well.

Panic over leopard in RDC
There is an atmosphere of panic due to the leopard entering the court premises and surrounding areas. People living in the area of RDC and Kavinagar are horrified. The news of finding a leopard had spread in this area on Wednesday evening itself. After this, giving importance to their safety, the local people had closed the doors and windows of their houses. Some people have also installed bright lights outside their homes. Significantly, a few days back a leopard was seen roaming in Modi Nagar of Ghaziabad.

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